How Email Marketing Impacts the Lead Generation in Business

Email Marketing

Email marketing was and still remains one of the most widely used and well-converted marketing options in the digital marketing arena. Email is still the preferred option when it comes work-related matters and thus when you target a person via his/her email, you are getting an undivided span of attention even if for a brief span of time. Needless to say, it’s also one of the most spammed ways as well since it involves considerably less effort and almost nil budget

But with the rise of anti-spamming tools on the rise, email marketers can have a sigh of relief as professionals still pay more attention to outreach via email as compared to that of Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. With the general crowd, you may not get as much as a conversion but with the people who are working professionals, businessmen, entrepreneurs and much more, it can turn into a regular gala. Email marketing was and still remains one of the most widely used and well-converted marketing options in the digital marketing arena.

Not just this, email marketing takes a considerable edge over other ways of digital marketing and when asked for their opinions, people also confirmed it.
According to a survey done by Marketing Sherpa in, more than 90% of US adult citizens prefer getting promotional emails from the business or companies they carry out any sort of business with.
Email marketing is almost as much as 40 times more effective when combined with both the giants of social media today i.e. facebook and twitter as per a study which was done by Mckinsey.

Email marketing open rates

Based on what type of business you own, what kind of clients you want to outreach to and other specifics, only you can decide the best way to customize your emails and schedule your outreach but the overall general insights of doing business with email marketing remains the same. Based on the data gathered by interviewing several business owners who majorly depend on email marketing and have been really successful in it, we have covered some key points for you to keep in mind while doing email marketing for your business.

  • One of the major advantages of email marketing is to be able to build a one to one direct trusted relationship with your consumer base. You can gain their trust and build your credibility by sharing useful content and stuff with them. Nothing is more effective than improving your relationship with your customers than this.
  • When you build a direct dialogue with your audience then they start to think of your emails more as for their personal benefit rather than promotional stuff which in turn leads to increased CTR and thus boost sales.
  • With email marketing, you can customize better and experiment to see what converts well as compared to what doesn’t. These provide you with more deep insights and help you understand your customer base and their mindsets.
  • Unlike other social media which is to be mobile optimized and leaves out most of the stuff in the mobile version, more than two-thirds of emails are being opened on mobile devices.

Email Marketing Best Practices for Lead Generation

Leads, leads, leads. Everybody wants them, and once you have a few, you will want more.

Here are some of the best tactics to generate more leads via Email Marketing.

Email letter should have rich Content

If you want to generate leads through Emails it is very important to have good content in the newsletter. Good and rich content will be able to attract the customers which may help in lead generation. If a visitor is attracted towards the mail which has good content then he may turn into a potential customer or may lead others to turn into customers.

Set up triggered emails

Triggered Emails are automatically activated if someone performs a specific action like filling a contact form or placing an order. When this happens, Email marketing system will automatically send a series of emails. These emails will have content to the person who has performed a particular activity. Follow-ups for this will also be performed automatically.

Segment emails according to subscriber behaviors

Segmentation helps to make your emails more relevant to the visitors. Relevant emails get more clicks, opens and sales. There are so many behaviors to do segmentation. They are When Subscribers signed up, based on the links which subscriber used to click on the email and if there is no behavior, i.e. if the person did not open the email then resend the email with an altered subject line.

Gate your content

Lead generation through content is one of the oldest ways of lead generation technique. This technique was followed long back when there is no internet. Magazines published ads and asked writers to write a free review on that or may request a sample product. It was lead generation through postal mail. But nowadays a rich content may drive traffic to the landing page and have other people who will also add reports or information to your content.

Make your emails sharable

People will forward emails to friends, family, colleagues if it is easy for them. So it is essential to create an excellent newsletter. There are also some other ways like ask them to forward a copy of the email, set up a button that automatically formats an email, pre-formatted tweets in your email sharing. We can also add a signup link so that people may quickly get signed in and also add social sharing buttons for easy share of your emails on social media platforms.

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