Why is ERP software important for school management?

The education sector around the world is developing and expanding quite rapidly. Education industry, being a great service sector and having a high economic and social impact resistance with its unique set of challenges, is considered to have a pretty high potential for using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. As the technology grows, more the people get educated, today’s schools are facing lot of challenges on a day to day basis just to get the daily administration straight. The fee collection, data management, declaration of results, management of attendance with student and staff, and many other functions are done similarly and manually. Doing the repeated tasks done a lot of time, energy and resources.

ERP software

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ERP system is smoothly incorporated cloud-based ERP Software application used to operate external and internal resources, including materials, tangible assets, human and financial resources together with covering maximum features and processes of an organization. It is a software architecture whose purpose is to streamline the information flow among all business functions within the boundaries of the educational institution and control the interaction and connections with outside stakeholders. ERP solutions in the education sector play a significant role in planning, designing and operating academic resources. The implementation of cloud-based ERP software in India can help improve efficiency and effectiveness of various education processes and enhance stakeholders and student-centric related services.

School Management ERP Software features and functions in education

ERP systems consist of several integrated modules.

  • Financial accounting module takes care of accounts receivable and payable, general ledger, taxation, income/expense, and reconciliation statements as well as other documents needed for accounting purposes. This module also offers a robust and multifarious portfolio of reports.
  • Grades and exam operation system gives the ability to conduct offline and online examinations, consider student performance, differentiate book management, generate report cards, hold mass competitive/entrance exams as well as provide the students with the results.
  • Timetable management system enables creation of both manual and automatic timetables. It guarantees timely updates on faculty substitution and assists in superior management of rooms, resources, and faculty.
  • Admission management system helps to control pre-admission selection and screening of students, short listing of applications, online registration, identification cards registration and sending/receiving electronic alerts.
  • Hostel management module streamlines arrangement and reservation of rooms in teacher accommodations and student hostels. It helps track student outings and visitor records thus ensuring discipline. It also assists to control room facilities, room shifting and interchanging processes and provides other important logistic support.
  • Asset and inventory management program provides stock and inventory management for multiple positions. It allows increasing significantly operational effectiveness and categorizing the assets. This program also helps to conduct the wise search of assets location.
  • Budget and cost control module helps in accurate and quick budgeting. It provides efficient costing and performance evaluation, and assists distinguish between unavoidable and controllable costs.
  • Recruitment operation system helps the students get the view of the whole situation and make use of pre-placement opportunities. This program provides an exhaustive resume search and allows the students to receive or send interview letters or e-mails without encumbrance.
  • Biometrics payroll management module provides the user with a defined classification for integral reporting. This program can make up a flexible payroll processing stage, cost centers and control the biometric system as well.
  • Fees management system helps the user create a special fee structure according to which fees can be paid weekly, monthly or annually, as the student wishes. This module has a function of automatic generation of defaulter lists, fine structures, and scholarship rewards schedules.
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