Optimise Your Homepage
How To Optimise Your Homepage For Best SEO Results
The homepage is the first thing that a user visits a website and is the most visited and authoritative page on the website. The home page is generally the first page a user visits and it marks the first impression of the website impression should be the best impression that a user should have. This will make the user stay longer and will increase the credibility of the website. While...
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Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Website Rank on Search Engines
Google Search has over 5 Billion Searches happening every day and the best place to get free organic traffic is to rank your website on the top pages. Money alone can’t buy Google rank, but with a little time and strategy, you can improve your position on the search engine results page (SERP) without spending a dime. Improve your website’s user experience The first thing that makes a user bounce...
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Effective Google Ad Campaign
How to Run An Effective Google Ad Campaign?
Nowadays, if we talk about advertising or marketing methods, then Google Ads is one of the most efficient and cost-effective advertising methods for companies of all sizes. Google Ads has been the platform for the success of many companies and organizations. From small shops to Fortune 100 companies, everyone runs has run Google Ads Campaign at some point.  Although running the Google Ads Campaign is very easy, it requires intelligent...
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How AI is Changing the Future of ERP Software?
Despite being a relatively new technology, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is making serious waves in the market. By 2020, it is expected that almost every new piece of software on the market will be gripped by the AI technology in some form. Be it eCommerce, Finance, Insurance, or health sectors AI is delivering the best solutions everywhere. ERP software, which promises operational efficiency as a defining characteristic, is also no different...
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ERP Trends for 2020
A Deep Dive into What’s Next- New Forecasts & ERP Trends for 2020
In today's era, people will not allow inflexible system alternatives to get in the way of holistic digital transformation. This can be true for the majority of them, such as business resource planning or ERP program. Our assortment of ERP data proves that the market for all these applications is growing, adoption is rising, and innovation is slowly but surely happening. The first couple of years in ERP innovation were...
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How to Maximize Your Content Marketing Budget?
Content is the main element of digital marketing. Whether you are thinking about SEO, PPC, SMM, Email, etc. it is very difficult to do anything without quality content. Content is vital in all range of formats like video, articles, blog posts, images, and any other. We may need to lock in on short-form articles, long-form, whitepapers, gated content, video, webinars for B2B, or go with quick hits and short formats...
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Need SEO
Why You Need SEO to Accomplish Your Business Goals
For any business, search is the leading source of visibility and it is an essential tool to grow the business. And, in order to improve website’s overall searchability and visibility, you need SEO. However, the role of SEO is not limited to increasing visibility only. It offers other real values as well.  Different brands, businesses, and organizations have different perceptions regarding SEO and its implementation. Here, we will discuss why...
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Vital Steps in ERP Implementation
The 4 Most Vital Steps in ERP Implementation
Today, most of the companies in the nation are opting for Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. It helps to manage their day to day operations and also increase profit. The effective execution of all the plans stands as the main challenge though. There may be many unique ideas of execution from vendors (both established and newcomers) but you must first understand the key factors which are involved in implementing for a...
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Manufacturing Industry should adapt to CRM right NOW
Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the fastest-growing software in the IT sector. It is expected to give $80 billion in revenue by 2025. It can access real-time data through mobile and cloud solutions, which is primarily why it is gaining momentum at a fast pace. So you can pull out customer-related data from the previous interactions at no time. There are several factors as to why the manufacturing industry...
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Top 5 ERP Software Trends of 2019
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms are an old-school software concept that's working hard to stay relevant in this new age of smaller, more focused cloud service applications. In a nutshell, an ERP system is integrated software that's typically delivered in a modular fashion—Resource management system, a financial reporting module, a human resources (HR) module, a sales pipelining module. A modern ERP system is built in a modular fashion where the...
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