Do we really need an ERP Software?
Every business has its own objectives, processes, and requirements. Above all, today’s businesses need technologies...
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Digital Marketing
Why is digital marketing important for business?
Technology is integrated into our lives more than ever before. We own smartphones, conversational AI...
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Internet of Things
What is the future of the Internet of Things?
In the near future, the Internet and wireless technologies will connect different sources of information...
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Why is the agile methodology better?
Agile is not necessarily “better” in all situations. Saying “Agile is better than Waterfall” is...
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Asterro ERP
What is the future of ERP software?
At its core, ERP provides transaction automation for business operations. Whether it was called ‘ERP...
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Why do people not like working at a startup?
Startup jobs tend to be low paying, but with higher responsibility, higher maintenance, and higher...
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Why does a startup fail?
Startups are booming in the current scenario of technical advancement and in recent years we...
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How to start a Startup!
Everyone wants to be the exception, but building a multimillion-dollar company in 12 months simply...
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Artificial intelligence
Importance of artificial intelligence. How has it changed through time?
Artificial Intelligence or AI, in general, refers to the science of computers developing intelligence like...
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testing automation
5 megatrends shaping the future of testing automation
Testing Automation is preferred in the current generation of product development and it came into...
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